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they had houses made of dryed mud

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Q: What types of homes did people in argos ancient Greece have?
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Where were ancient Greek homes found?

Ancient Greece

What were the homes in ancient Greece?

bricks and wood

Where did the leaders of ancient Greece live?

In their own homes.

Who built homes in ancient Greece?

The Greeks of course.

What is a social Need for ancient Greece clothing?

they hav homes

What similarities did ancient china and ancient Greece have?

food homes and life and of corse chikens

Did the homes in ancient Greece surround the temple?

No the homes were far from the temples mostly service buildings are what around the temple

How did environment influence homes in ancient Greece?

Environment influenced homes in ancient Greece. Low lying structures required adequate ventilation for the heat. Mountain living dictated caves as major structures to insulate from the cold.

How can one buy homes from Argos?

You can buy homes from Argos online from websites such as Yahoo! Homes, Zillow and Realtor. Once on the website, you can sort by location, price, home size and more.

Where do the people in ancient Greece live?

The ancient Greeks lived in homes built from brick, clay or mud. Each home was built around a courtyard to give the women a place to spend their time.

What are friezes in ancient Greece for?

Ancient Greek friezes were used to tell stories and worship the gods and goddess. They were found in wealthy people's homes and on the top of columns temples like the Parthenon ( a temple in Athens made to worship Athena). Hope this helps!

What did ancient people use composites for?

Ancient people used composites for building their homes, a mix of mud and straw (composite material) would serve as bricks.