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Hamilcar Barca

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Q: What was Hannibal barcas dad named?
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Who was Hannibal Barcas wife?

an Iberian princess named Imilce

Who was Hannibal Barca's Dad?

Hamilcar Barca

When did Antanas Barcas die?

Antanas Barcas died in September 1990, in Lithuania.

When was Antanas Barcas born?

Antanas Barcas was born on June 13, 1928, in Lithuania.

Who taught Hannibal?

His dad He also had Greek tutors.

Did Hannibal the Carthaginian general have a wife?

Some ancient historians wrote that Hannibal, the Carthaginian general, had a wife named Imilce.

What is name of navigational instrument named after Hannibal's pilot?


Who is the actor in Hannibal Rising that played Hannibal?

Aaran Thomas played 8 year-old Hannibal, and Gaspard Ulliel played Hannibal as a young man.

Did Hannibal have sisters and how many?

yes one named Mishia killed when she was 4 by the Germans. Eating before Hannibal's very eyes

Who did Hannibal marry?

Ancient historians wrote that Hannibal of Carthage may have had a wife named Imilce. Imilce was an Iberian woman from Castulo.

Who was the great general that led Carthage into the 2 Punic wars?

There was actually only one great general from Carthage, and that was Hannibal Barca who led Carthage in the second Punic war. The first Punic war saw the leadership of Hannibal's father towards the end of the conflict. The Barcas were a military family, with a brother or brother-in-law, Hasdrubal, being active in Spain.

Who is a brilliant psychiatrist and a cannibalistic serial killer?

That was a fictional character in Red Dragon and Silence of the lambs named Hannibal Lecter.