What was Heracles destiny?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Heracles destiny is to overcome the 12 labors set before him by Eurystheus (the king of Tiryns). He has to overcome these as Hera sent madness to him one night making Heracles kill his wife and sons, he needed justice so he consulted the oracle at Delphi and was told to obey the orders of the king of Tiryns.

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Q: What was Heracles destiny?
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Heracles was bisexual

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Heracles was not a goddess. A goddess is female.

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Heracles is greek yes, but the roman of heracles is the info by reading percyjackson and heroes of olympus.

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Hercules or Heracles is a Greek/Roman hero

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Heracles was a Greek God.

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It was the Romans who called Heracles Hercules, its Roman name. Hercules was the Roman equivalent of Heracles. Needless to say that the Greeks used the name Heracles.

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