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The short version: he was so handsome that many girls fell in love with him, but he spurned them all. Instead, he fell in love with his reflection (by the work of Nemesis), and pined away finally being transformed into a flower. In some versions, however, he died before being transformed.

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that was actually his punishment a nymph fell in love with him but he didn't notice her so someone who i forgot cursed him to fall in love with himself and he just stared at himself until he died

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He was turned into a pond flower a "Narcissus".

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Q: What was Narcissus punishment for being vain and in love with himself?
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Did Zeus punished Narcissus for being cruel to Echo by turning him into a flower?

No, the punishment to Narcissus was delivered by the Greek goddess Nemesis (being in love with his own image, unable to look away and eat/drink) and either slowly pined away or killing himself in despair, his blood became the Narcissus flower.

Who was punished by being made to fall in love with his own reflection in a spring?

Narcissus, hence Narcissus complex. One who adores himself

Who did Narcissus marry?

Narcissus didn't marry anybody. He died, and he was in love with himself.

In Greek mythology whom did Narcissus love?

He loved only himself. On the other hand the nymph Echo was in love with Narcissus.

Did The goddess of vengeance took revenge upon Narcissus by tricking him into falling in love with his own reflection.?

No, in the myth of Narcissus, it was not the goddess of vengeance who caused him to fall in love with his own reflection. Narcissus was cursed by the goddess Nemesis to fall in love with his reflection as punishment for his vanity and pride. He became obsessed with his own image and wasted away looking at himself in a pool of water until he turned into the flower that bears his name.

What god in mythocial fall in love with himself?

Narcissus,he fell in love with himself after he saw his own reflection in a mirror.

What are the major accomplishments of Aphrodite?

Making Narcissus falls in love with himself

What was the curse that Aphrodite put on Narcissus?

she made him love only himself

Aphrodite caused who to fall in love with himself?

Aphrodite caused the beautiful young man, Narcissus, to fall in love with himself.

Who was narcissus of Greek mythology?

Narcissus was a man that was fell in love with himself when he discovered his reflection in a lake. He stayed there until he died of starvation

Why does Aphrodite punish Narcissus?

Because Narcissus was loved; but loved no one but himself in turn.

What emotion does Narcissus and Echo stem from?

Self love, for Narcissus, or the arrogance of spurning love of others. For Echo, it is gossip, and then love not returned; or being unable to express love for another.