What was Perseus darkness?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He killed both Medusa and Acrisios.

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Q: What was Perseus darkness?
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How are the Gorgons monsters related to the hero perseus?

Perseus kills one of them (Medusa). The other two persue Perseus but fail to find him as he is wearing the Helm of Darkness.

What special gifts does perseus receive from the nymphs of the north?

A megic bag and the Cap of Darkness

What special gifts does Perseus's receive from the nymphs of the north?

A megic bag and the Cap of Darkness

Who does the helm of darkness belong to?

It is a tool of Hades, although Hermes evidently gave Perseus something alike it.

What did the gods give perseus as gifts?

Hermes: winged sandalsAthenea: a shiny shieldHades:(most impressively as it was a relic of the titanomancy) the Helm of Darkness

Is Perseus the son of Poseidon?

No, Perseus is not the son Poseidon. Perseus was the son of Zeus.

What are character traits of Perseus?

Perseus did not have any superhuman qualities or strengths. He was helped by the gods Zeus, Hermes and Athena who gave him aides with special qualities. Zeus gave him an adamantine sword, which was a very hard sword composed of diamonds, Hermes gave him helm of darkness of the god Hades to hide and winged sandals to fly, and Athena gave him a polished shield which reflected light. It was thanks to these that Perseus was successful in his feats.

Was Andromeda the mother of Perseus?

Definitely not- she was Perseus' wife. The mother of Perseus was Danae.

Who were perseus's siblings?

Perseus had no siblings

What are Perseus's responsibilities?

What is Perseus duties

Was Perseus Roman?

Perseus was Greek.

Why did Dionysus kill Perseus?

Dionysus did not kill Perseus!