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It established an Islamic empire.

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Q: What was a result of the Muslim invasion of the Indus valley?
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What was a result of the Muslim invasion of indus valley?

It established an Islamic empire.

Muslim group first invaded the Indus River Valley?

The Muslim group that first evaded the Indus Valley was the Harappans. Their culture was Mesopotamian, resembling that of Sumerians and the Elamites.

Which of these did the aryan invasion bring to the indus valley?

Vedism. Sanskrit

What was the downfall of Indus Valley cities?

The Indus valley people left because the were having lots of invasion, they left their home so in 1500 BC they were forgotten.

How did the invasion of the Aryans change the Indus river valley?

equality spread in society

What caused the indus valley culture to decline?

The Aryans contributed to the Indus River Valley Civilization's downfall.

Where did the indus valley food come from?

It came from Indus valley!! and from the area near indus valley

Where did the indus valley come from?

The indus valley!!

Which is the first civilization of the world nile or indus?

indus valley indus valley

What is the name of Indus Valley today?

Indus River Valley.

How did Indus valley civilization get its name?

It thrived in the Indus Valley.

Where did the nile valley indus valley develop?

The Nile valley is in Egypt and the Indus valley is in India/Pakistan.