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It wasn't the fork because men in the past, men could pick up food with their hands, neither was it the knife because men can tear food apart with their hands, so it was the spoon that was invented first, to pick up liquids, especially hot ones!


The spoon and knife share the earliest history, the one to transfer liquids the other to cut larger chunks into more manageable pieces. However as knives became more long and straight (once metal was common) people began to use them to spear their food to eat it like a fork is used tday. Obviously a knife doesn't make a good fork as the food can twist around on it so the blade was divided into two, three then four tines to geve better spin control and allow the user to remove solids from a soup or sauce.

I would have thought the knife would wave been first as it would have evolved from the sharp flints that our ancestors used for a multitude of tasks

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Forks are a very late development in cutlery, probably 16th or 17th century. They first came from Italy, but it took a while for other countries to begin using them.

Spoons and knives were first, the knife came first, because they would have been a handy tool long before people worried about keeping their fingers clean at the table.

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The spoon was originally a shell or wooden scoop to remove liquidy materials from a pot. As shells and wooden chips were easy to come by they were eventually refined into spoons and became the first eating implement

The fork was originally a knife to spear food from a larger piece on meat or stew to eat. A life in arrest served as a handle to transport it from the fire to the table.The knife was not as well adapted for getting food to your mouth as you might think as the meat could rotate around the blade moving the bite you wanted away from you. in addition the knife's edges made it dangerous to gnaw from. The blade was replaced with a stick or skewer. This removed the slashing danger but made the rotating problem worse. As a consequence the single blade or prong was replaced with a double pronged probe to spear the food and hold it steady.

Forks were originally a food from fire to table tool and later were refined to be a plate to mouth device.

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Q: What was invented first the fork the spoon or the knife?
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