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Queen Shanakhdakheto ruled Kush on her own.

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she is so important because she was the first woman to have the empire

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Q: What was significant about Queen Shanakhdakheto?
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When did Shanakhdakheto rule?

Historians believe that the first woman to rule Kush was queen Shanakhdakheto ; she ruled from 170 BC to 150 BC.

Why don't we know about queen shanakhdakheto?

Historians didn't understand meroitic writing so they don't know much about queen shanakhdakheto. Most of what they know come from their carvings found in her tomb.

Who was queen shanakhdakheto's parents?

she ruled the kingdom about 2000bc to 10,000bc

Who was queen shanakhdakheto?

She was the first women to rule Kush.

Who was the the first female queen in Kushite history?

She was one of the earliest queens... but we don't know that much about the Kush civilization so there very well could have been many queens before her we don't know about.

Did queen shanakhdakheto do anything amazing?

Absolutely! She was the first women (Queen) to rule an empire by herself! :) I call that pretty amazing!

When was shanakhdakheto born?

she was born in Kush or Africa

Who was the first women pharoh?

Shanakhdakheto Queen Shanakdakheto was a ruler of Kush. She was the first women pharoh. Her tomb is one of the largest pyramid in Mero

Who was queen shanakhdakheto married to?

Queen Shanakdakhete was the Ethiopian queen in 332 BC, and as best known for her infamous stand against Alexander the Great during her reign. As he marched from rather easily conquering Egypt, he came to the border of Ethiopia only to meet Queen Shanakdakhete in personal command of her armies sitting in between two huge elephants. Not wanting to risk having his record marred by a woman, at that, Alexander the Great turned around and ended his legendary conquest.

Where did shanakhdakheto die?

in antarctica

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