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In the old kingdom there was little difference between the clothes worn by the rich and the poor. Men of all classes wore a short kilt made of linen and women wore a long skirt with straps at the shoulders. Rich men and women wore wigs and jewelry while the poor did not. As time went on the clothes of rich people got more elabourate including wearing of silk, while the clothes of the poor remained very much the same.

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Men wore a wrap-round skirt called a schenti which was tied at the waist using a belt. Egyptian women wore full length tubular dresses with shoulder straps known as a kalasiris. This remained the basic type of garment worn by ordinary women for thousands of years.

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aye they didnt wear clothes if they were poor or like rags? sorry hope this was helpful lol

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They wore short and plain kilts. It was the elves that were forced to be naked.

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The rich greek's clothing was dyed colorfully, but the poor Greek's clothing was the fabrics natural color.

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Q: What was the difference between the rich and the poor ancient Greek clothing?
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