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it was made out of a horsehair (:

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Q: What was the fake beard of the Egyptian pharaoh made of?
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What are Egyptian pharaoh palaces made of?

Egyptian palaces are made of mud and stone

Who made the Jews slaves?

the Egyptian Pharaoh.

Describe a pharaoh?

A pharaoh symbalizes athority. They are known to be another form of a god, except not as splendid and powerful. They are in charge of everything that happens, so the kingdom is in their hands.

Who made Egyptian pyramids?

the pharaoh gto the slaves and farmers to build them

What were real Egyptian masks made of?

If they were made for the Pharaoh's they were made of gold foil and semi-precious stones.

Who made up Egyptian upper class?

The Egyptian upper class was made of the Pharaoh, his family, and the other nobility. Scribes and soldiers might be considered upper class as well.

Why does a pharaoh not let his hair be seen?

No, Cleopatra was A pharo. well technically a queen But She couldve Been considered a Pharo. But she didnt Cover Up her hair All the time. :D

How the concept that pharaoh was considered god-king did affect the Egyptian society?

The concept that the pharaoh was considered god-king affected the Egyptian society a lot. It shaped there way of life, there religion and gave the pharaoh unlimited power over the people.

What did the pharaoh do in the Egyptian civilization?

Pharaohs ruled over ancient Egypt. they ruled, made laws, and basicly dominated over the Egyptian population. they were sort of like presidents today, but had much more power in that they can make laws or ban something without anyones consult. So, they were like an emperor. The Egyptian population also could not vote for a pharaoh, because the future pharaoh would be the son of the current pharaoh.

Egyptian society was made up of?

the upper middle and lower classes first with the pharaoh then priests and finally slaves

Can fake Egyptian god cards be use in a tournement your friends made?

The Egyptian God cards (fake versions, or any fake card) can be used for fun, but not for any legitimate duel in a tournament or if your opponent refuses to accept them being played (for fun).

What were taxes in Ancient Egyptian times?

I'm not positive that this is right, but the Pharaoh was in charge and I think that he made you pay goods to give to him.