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His plays were realalistic He questioned traditional thinking in real life situations. :)

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Q: What was the main theme of Euripides plays?
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Who wrote plays that criticized the wrongs he saw in society and the mistreatment of women was it Euripides?

Euripides is the correct answer.

Why was Euripides important?

Euripides was a Greek playwright mostly known for being the first man to use women in his plays

Where did Euripides write his plays?

He wrote plays to teach us lessons about our selves

How does Euripides' achievements effect today's society?

Euripides achievements effect today society because he helped make drama and plays come in English . many of the greek plays today that is played in English is helped because of Euripides . he helped many people with there plays and there carree today .

Who wrote plays in ancient greece?

Sophocles, Euripides, Aeschylus

What was the main theme of medieval plays?

They were all bible stories or passion plays about the life of Jesus.

How many plays did Euripides write?

he wrote 92 and 19 survived

Which section of the orchestra plays the main theme in the Nutcracker?

string section

What were euripides' contributions to theatre?

Euripides (485 - 406 BCE) wrote very realistic tragedies dealing with psychological issues. He wrote such plays as "The Trojan Woman."

What instruments are used in Hedwig's Theme?

The celesta is the instrument that plays the main melody.

What Instruments Are Used In Hedwig's Theme?

The celesta is the instrument that plays the main melody.

Did Euripides believe in the Greek gods?

It is difficult to say for sure whether Euripides believed in the Greek Gods or not. He lived in Athens through 406 b.c. and wrote many plays. His plays are about the affairs of the Gods, so Euripides most likely did believe in their existence. Alcestis features Apollo, Herakles, and Thanatos. In Trojan Women, Poseidon and Athene are main characters. And the Bacchae revolves around Dionysus' punishment of King Pentheus of Thebes and his mother for failing to worship him. With these examples, it's easy to assume that Euripides did, indeed, believe in the Greek Gods.

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