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If you mean location it ws probably Olympus.

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Q: What was the most popular background of Greek myths?
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What are some of the most popular greek myths?

•Theseus and the Minotaur. •Medusa. •Daedalus and Iccarus.

What Greek god is in the most Greek myths?


What myths are associated with Sparta?

Sparta is located in Greek so most if not all Greek myths are associated with Sparta

Where do most myths come from?

the Greek philosophers

What Greek myths are about Zeus?

Most of the Greek myths are about Zeus but the most common one is Pandoras Box,Persephone and the Pomegranate seeds,Hercules and Persius.

Most popular god that appears in most myths?


Do Greek myths put humans at the center of the story?

No, most Greek myths are based around gods or demi-gods.

What Greek city is the myths of Dionysus most closely linked?


Is there such thing as Greek Mytholgy?

Of course! Greek mythology is some of the most educational myths from ancient cultures. The fables and myths teach good life lessons and morals.

Where was the labyrinth based on?

The labyrinth is based on the labyrinth in greek mythology. Most things from PJO are from greek myths.

Who were most likely to be protagonists in ancient Greek tragedies?

Strong heros from myths

What are greek myths explain?

they explain everything that happened on earth, like in most myths. Like the weather or why sun rises and the seasons.