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The Iroquois used these masks because they thought that when the people of the Iroquois got sick before they woke up people put on scary masks to scare away the evil spirits that were supposedly causing the sickness.

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Q: What was the purpose of the False Face Society?
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What is the false face society of the Iroquois?

The False Face Society was a society when someone was sick and they had a dream of a false face (or a monster of some sort) the False Face Society would come into the cabin in which the sick person would live and perform a ritual with their false faced masks and then the sick person would become part of the society and would have to carve the face they saw in their dream on the tree and while they were carving someone would chant a ritual and when they were done they would take it off the tree and make it into a mask.

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What is the main idea of the false face society story?

The False Face Society is a traditional healing society among the Iroquois people, which uses wooden masks during healing rituals to drive away evil spirits and cure the sick. The main idea of the story is that these masks are believed to have spiritual powers and are used by the society members to restore harmony, balance, and health to the community.

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What was the society of the Iroquois medicine men?

The best known of the medicine societies (but certainly not the only one*) was the False Face Society, members of which used wooden masks often painted half red and half black, with very long black horsehair attached. These masks refer to a mythical hunchbacked old man and the masks were always carved with grotesque and distorted features.Each of the Iroquois tribes had their own name for this society, usually referring to the mythical Old Man rather than "false face".*Among the Senecas, for example, medicine men might belong to the False Face Society, or to the Secret Medicine Society (also known as the Little Water Medicine Society).

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