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Religion highly influenced politics in ancient Egypt. This is because many Pharaohs were believed to be descended from heaven, from the gods, and many were considered to be incarnates of certain gods. Even though pharaohs were considered gods, the Egyptians did realize that they were human beings and of flesh, and able to die from things as other human beings, they did not see the pharaohs as immortal beings, or rather, beings unable to die.

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The relationship between religion and politics could be described as pragmatic.

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It was not good at all

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Q: What was the relationship of religion and politics in Ancient Egypt?
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What cultural aspects of Egyptian civilization did the Kushites adopt?

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Who was in charge of religion in ancient Egypt?

The Embalmers were in charge of mummification in ancient Egypt.

What is the official religion in Egypt?

I think It's Islamit is but ancient Egypt had their own religion

How was religion in ancient Greece similare to religion in ancient Egypt?

Both of these Ancient Civilizations worshipped many gods/goddesses.

What Is the present religion In Egypt Is it different then it was in the past in ancient Egypt Is it different than the historic polytheistic religion that they had way back when?

The religions in Egypt at the moment is Islam and Christianity. These religions are not connected to the religions of ancient egypt.

Who is responsible for the religion in ancient Egypt?

the first pharugh

What religion did King Menes practice?

Pharaoh Menes of Ancient Egypt practised Ancient Egyptian polytheistic religion.

How do you Describe the importance of the gods Osiris in the religion of ancient Egypt?

How ancient Egyptian religion supported the power of the pharaoh

Which description BEST explains the relationship of religion and political authority in Ancient Egypt?

There was no distinction. The Pharoah was considered a god.

What was the role of women in religion in Ancient Egypt?

submissive to males

What did ancient Egypt governments do?

The government of ancient Egypt was the pharoah. They used religion and the army to govern their empire. They were seen as living gods.

Does Egypt and Greece have gods?

Yes ancient Greece and ancient Egypt have gods and goddesses. They also have modern religion of Islam and Christianity.