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the role of women in Corinth was to help there child learn at home then from the age of 7 to 14 they would go to school and learn.

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Q: What was the role of women in ancient Corinth?
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What did ancient corinth farm?

Ancient Corinth farmed and traded grapes, cranberies, and currants.

What was Corinth?

Corinth was a city state in ancient Greece.

Who are ancient Greece Corinth rivals?

Ancient Corinth's rival was Thebes. Thebes was also a city-state in Greece just like Corinth.

What is the modern biblical name of Corinth?

It is called Corinth and is about 3 miles northeast of the ruins of Ancient Corinth.

What was the role of women in ancient Athens?

to clean and cook

What were the weaknesses of ancient Corinth?

They are very ancient and are all dead

What was the role of the military in Corinth?


Role of ancient women of China?

Women in ancient China stayed at home and either watched her daughters or work in the fields.

What was the role of women in ancient society?

Women were wives and mothers in ancient society. They didn’t have rights or the freedom within the culture.

What did the people of ancient corinth eat?

The people of Corinth, ancient Greece ate currants (grapes and cranberies.)

What role did the women play in ancient Ghana?

jonathan portes