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The Length Of The Penis, The Longer The Hair, The Bigger The Penis.

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Q: What was the significance of long hair in ancient Greek literature?
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What were ancient Greek hair ornaments called?

they were called hair ribbons not!

What was an ancient Greek lyre's strings made of?

Hun seriously but the answer is horse hair.

Who was the ancient Greek mathematician who was considered the founder of the study of geometry?

That one person with the hair

What is the Greek word which means 'hairy star'?

I am pretty sure you mean the tail of comets which the ancient Greek reffered to as coma, (κόμα -> κόμη{comi}) meaning hair or hair style.

What hair color was rare in Ancient Greece?

In Ancient Greece both red and blonde hair were rare. Most Greeks had a dark complexion and dark colored hair. Blonde hair was considered especially beautiful, and was a feature of several Greek gods and mythological heroes.

What did spartacus look like?

Spartacus was a Thracian, who were frequently depicted in Ancient Greek artwork with red hair and blue eyes.

What is an elimination hair sample?

what does the significance of hair examination depend on

What jobs were there in ancient Greek times?

philosophers, farmers, achitects, hair dressers/barbers, builders, shepherds, lawyers, rulers, priests, fishermen

What job did ancient Greeks have?

The ancient Greek did not work, they did not need to with all the money they had, they sat on the old verandah and got fed grapes and had their toes cleansed daily. They also used to wash and condition the hair in their toes.

Greek god hades hair color?

The Greek gods could change their hair color.

What Greek queen became a constellation in the night sky?

None of them. There is a queen in the sky - the constellation Cassiopeia - but she is actually a queen of ancient Ethiopia. There is another close match: Coma Berenices or Bernice's Hair. She was Greek royalty, but not a queen.

Did people in Greek wear head wraps?

no they wore their hair up cos in school I'm learning about ancient Greeks and their clothes. their wore fancy hairstyles or if they were poor they would wear hair down or pony tail NO.