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He was a god, why should he have weaknesses?

OKAY, he DOES have one!

his weakness is..... ASK.COM

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Q: What was the weakness of the Roman god Neptune?
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What is Neptune the Roman god of?

The Roman God Neptune is the God of the sea.

What was Neptune a Roman god of?

Neptune was the roman god of the sea

What Roman god is the planet Neptune named after?

The planet Neptune is named after the Roman god Neptune, the god of the sea. Neptune is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Poseidon.

What is the roman god Neptune birth?

what is the roman god Neptune birth.

Roman god name for Neptune?

neptune is the roman god. the greek god is Poseidon.

What was Neptune the roman god of what?

Neptune was the roman version of Poseidon, the god of water.

Which roman god is Neptune named after?

The god is Neptune, king of the sea. But Neptune is not greek. The god of the sea in greek mythology is Poseidon. But Neptune it actually a roman god :P The Roman god Neptune is the same as the Greek god Poseidon, just with a different name. But the planet Neptune is named after the Roman version, not the Greek.

What was the Roman God Neptune known for?

Neptune is the equivalency of Poseidon, which means.. Neptune is the Roman god of the Sea.

What Roman god is Neptune named after?

Your question doesn't really make sense. The Roman god Neptune was the Lord of the Sea. The Greeks referred to this God by the name Poseidon.

What is Neptune's god name?

Neptune is the Roman god of the sea.

Which planet was named for the Greek god of the sea?

The planet Neptune was named for the Roman god of water and the seas.In the original Greek language, from whence this Roman god was taken, his name was Poisedon.

Why is Neptune called the Roman God of the Sea?

Because, Neptune is the name of the Roman Sea God.