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There was a huge battle between the Greeks and Troy over a girl. it lasted about 20 years before they thought of it. the Greeks were laying seige to troy. almost all the Greeks left leaving a huge wooden horse with elite greek soldiers in it. troy thought it was a gift to apologize for the destruction and took it the center of the city to display it. then at night the soldiers came out of it and signaled their ships to and help. the Greeks killed everyone in the city.

The wooden horse of Troy is when the Greeks and the city of troy where having a battle, one night a huge hollow wooden horse came into the city of troy the people though it was a gift from the Greeks to say they had won the battle so they partyed and then went to bed drunk .Although they did not relize it but the Greeks were in the hotse and at night they came into the place and killed all the people of troy. t

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What else would they have made it from.

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Q: What was the wooden horse of Troy?
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Is troy the myth a place or a wooden horse?

it is a wooden horse

Who hid inside the wooden horse of troy?

who hid inside the wooden horse

What's the name of the wooden horse in troy?

Trojan horse?

Who invented the wooden horse of troy?

It was Odysseus or Ulysses

What city was defeated because of a wooden horse?


What was hidden in wooden horse in troy?

Greek soldiers.

Who had the idea of the wooden horse that brought destruction to Troy?


Which ancient city was conquered using a wooden horse?


What did Laocoon do to the wooden horse of troy?

Nothing, but he wanted to burn it.

What was Odysseus plan to attack troy with a wooden horse?

His plan was to make a wooden horse as a gift from the gods (Troy thought the gods killed the Greeks) to troy and hide in the horse so the Trojans would bring it in their city. So at night they got out of the horse and open the gates so the other Greeks can come in and raid Troy

Joe Elliott did Joe own a large wooden horse?

that was troy

How did Odysseus and his men get inside the gates of Troy?

In A Giant Wooden Horse.