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A typical Persian wore a toga.

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Q: What was typical ancient Persian clothing look like?
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What is the traditional clothing of Rome?

In ancient times, the typical clothing would have been robes, much like what is seen in artwork from that period. But in modern times, they wear regular clothes just like you and I.

What was the Ancient Persian economy like?

it is good

What was the difference between ancient Indian clothing to ancient Chinese clothing?

that in ancient China people woresilk not wool like the Greek

What were ancient athenian homes like?

they had a typical courtyard

How you prononces Artaxerxes?

in ancient hebrew:Ar'tach'shas'ta ch sounds like kh in Khomeiniin ancient Persian Artaxšacā

What did ancient Olympic clothing look like?

They competed naked.

How did a Persian princess look like?

Of wich era we are talking? A princess from the ancient persian empire, or of the late shah´s period? Greetings

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What year was the Persian war?

Ancient or modern? And today, the ancient nation of Persia is currently called Iran. Although many Iranians in the US find the term "Persian" to be more romantic sounding...and like to be called Persians instead of an Iranian.

What did Ancient Greek clothing for men women and children look like?

they wore togas

What did ancient Egypt clothing makers do?

They would make things like jewelry and pottery.

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