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A sword and a pair or sandals

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Q: What was under the boulder that Theseus lifted?
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Who are the characters in Theseus Birth?

Once there was a young boy named Theseus. Nobody knew who his father was, for both King Aegeus of Athens and Poseidon had been fond of his mother Aethra. Right before Theseus was born Aegeus said to Aethra, "If we shall have a son, when he is old enough tell him to lift this rock and take my sword and sandals from under it." Then Aegeus placed both his sword and his sandals under a large boulder and then set sail for Athens. Now this all happened in a small town called Troezen where Theseus grew into a strong young man. When Aethra thought it was time she took Theseus to the large boulder and told him to lift it. Theseus wrapped his mighty arms around the boulder lifted it as if it were paper. Then he threw the boulder into a nearby forest. Aethra then told him to take the sword and sandals and go to Athens.

What helps identify theseus as the kings son?

Aegeas, when he left for Athena, told Aethra, Theseus' mother, that he had buried his sword and sandals under a large boulder. If his son should be hero enough to lift the boulder, he should be sent to Athens to claim the throne. Theseus did just that.

What great test of strength does theseus perform?

he retrieved sandals from under a Boulder his test was set up b his Father to tell when Theseus was ready to join him in Athens

What task did Theseus have to do when he was of age to know who is father was?

Theseus had to lift a boulder and beneath it were sandals and a sword when Theseus finally was strong enough to lift it he journied to Athens where he met his father the king

How did 'theseus' get his sword?

The father of Theseus, Aegeus, had put his sword, along with a pair of sandals under a rock. Theseus got his sword by moving the rock.

Pokemon emerald battle frontier Pokemon under the boulder?

its not under a boulder its smeargle and there everywhere in artisan cave.

How does theseus prove to the villagers of troezen that he is a kings son?

He lifted the rock and retrieved the sword and sandals that his father King Aegeus had left for him.

What did Theseus mortal father leave for him under the stone?

His sword and sandals.

What was theseus supposed to do once he lifted the stone and got the shoes and sword?

He was supposed to go to Athens with the SANDALS, not shoes, and the sword to meet his father; the king of Athens.

What did theseus have to do to receive his fathers gifts?

Lift the great rock that the gifts were lying under.

How does Theseus stop Hercules from killing himself?

Hercules, after killing his wife, Megara, and their children under the influence of a madness sent by Hera, is so upset that he wants to kill himself. However, he is saved by Theseus who clasps his bloodstained hands. This shows that Theseus is willing to have a part in Hercules' guilt. Theseus then tells Hercules to return to Athens with him.

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