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Different for each monster.

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What are the weaknesses of the greek monster hekatonchires

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Q: What weaknesses do Greek monsters have?
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What are the Greek goddesses weaknesses?

Persephone has no weaknesses - she is a Greek goddess.

What sentence best reflects a reason the Greeks created monsters?

Greek monsters embodied people's fear of chaos. Greek monsters often emphasize the difficulty of the tasks heroes are set. Greek monsters represent the other-worldliness of certain places.

What are the weaknesses of Athena greek goddess?


What are weaknesses of greek goddess nyx?


How did Greek monsters define themselves?

Greek monsters were truly monsters that humans feared. They were large and had animal parts. Some were also part gods.

What are Persephone's weaknesses?

If she has weaknesses, they aren't indicated in myth. Weaknesses are the perceived opinion of the individual, not facts.

What is Hermes weeknesses?

We are not told the weaknesses of gods/goddesses in Greek myth. All weaknesses are assumed by the individual.

Who is Greek god of monsters?


Do monsters in Greek Mythology have their own language?

There does not appear to be any evidence that the monsters in Greek Mythology have their own language. The myths were written in Greek, so their words would have been presented as being in Greek.

What are the weaknesses of Amphitrites?

No weakness is ever named in Greek myth.

What lt Greek god has made the most monsters?

The gods didn't "make" monsters. Monsters were born. Most of the monsters faced by Greek heroes were the children of Typhon and Echidna. They are called the "Father of All Monsters" and "Mother of All Monsters" respectively. They didn't parent ALL the monsters, though, because some monsters were simply transformed, like Medusa and Scylla.

What were goddess tyche's weaknesses?

The gods and goddesses of Greek myth are not given a list of strengths and weaknesses; these are left to the individual to interpret.