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Starting in the 31st century BC they would have been made from Bronze, prior to this they would have been made from stone and wood.

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The Hyksos weapons were made of bronze.

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Q: What were hyksos weapons made of?
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What were weapons made of?

The Hyksos weapons were made of bronze.

What was the metal the Hyksos used to make their weapons?

Their winning edge was chariots.

Who defeated Egypt using iron weapons and chariots?

The Hyksos from West Asia were the group of people who defeated the Egyptians using chariots and iron weapons. With these advanced tools, Egypt was no match for the Hyksos' army.

What was the metal that Hyksos used to make their weapons?

The Hyksos used bronze to make their weapons. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, which was stronger and more durable than pure copper, making it a popular choice for weapons and tools during ancient times.

Why did the egyptians first fall to the hyksos and then drive them out?

the Egyptians wanted to learn how to make bronze weapons and how to use chariots

How did Egyptians defeat the Hyksos?

The Egyptians defeated the Hyksos by learning how to make the copper tools that the Hyksos made.

Who were the Hyksos?

In my Journey Across Time textbook it says that the Hyksos were people that lived in Western Asia.They attacked Egypt.The Hyksos were mighty warriors.They crossed the desert in horse-drawn chariots and used weapons made of bronze and iron.Egyptians always fought on foot with copper and stone weapons.They were no match for the invaders. The Hyksos ruled Egypt for about 150 years.Then,around 1550b.c.,an Egyptian prince named Ahmose led an uprising that drove the Hyksos out of Egypt.:)

When the hyksos invaded the egyptians had never seen what seen?

bronze and iron weapons

What weapons did the Hyksos use?

They used bronze scimatars in battle. This helped them conquer Egypt

What year did the Egyptians fight and lose copper weapons?

The Eyptians lost to the Hyksos in 1684 BCE. The Hyksos had horses, chariots, bronze, and more efficient composite bows as well as weapons for close quarters. The ancient Egyptians had bow and arrows with copper tips on the arrows. They did not carry any weapons for close quarters.

What are two things Egyptians learned from the Hyksos?

They learned how to steer horses

What weapons did the Hyksos use to defeat the ancient Egyptians?

The Hyksos used chariots and bronze weapons to defeat the ancient Egyptians. They used a time of political weakness between dynasties when no one was sure who would take over the throne.