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sugar honey iced tea

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Q: What were some foods that ancient Greece people ate?
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What are some foods in ancient Greece?

Grapes and roasted beef, pigs, and sheep.

What were some weaknesses that ancient Greece had?

The people from ancient Greece were known for their height, or lack of. They were a particularly short people.

What did wealthy eat in ancient Greece?

The rich people in Ancient Greece never had to cook for themselves. Some of the things they ate were the same as any citizen. They had the luxury of more foods, meats and wine. They could eat honey and cakes and more imported foods and spices such as saffron.

What are some ancient Greece artifact?

Some artifacts arefrom ancient Greece because they were produced there

Did people in ancient Greece wear some kind of specific clothes?


What was expected of aristocrats in ancient Greece?

Leadership and passing on some of their wealth to the people.

What were the foods like in Ancient Greece?

nasty food that tasted like big ugly things i know i tried some before

What are some things ares created?

The people of Ancient Greece created democracy and the Olympics.

What are some foods that Greece have?


Did ancient the people in ancient Greece believe in hell?

Not as such they believed ALL people went to "Hades" the underworld but that there were some nicer places to be in it than others.

What are some ancient China foods?

some ancient china foods are, chicken and rice and stuff.

What are some popular monuments in Greece?

what are some popular monuments in ancient greece