What were the greek gods like?

Updated: 8/22/2023
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Greek gods have eternal life

And their handsomeness and beauty is forever

They are hard headed

they always fight each other

except Zeus!!


its only a joke Hera

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the greek gods were nice but they sometimes were not good people appolo was once mean and crule to his other gods but now he is the goddess of love ! HE LEARNED

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Q: What were the greek gods like?
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How were the Greek gods built?

The Greek gods looked just like humans,

Is the Greek Gods in Heaven?

The Greek Gods lived atop Mt. Olympus. It was not like the Christian view of "Heaven."

How would you summarize the apparent difference between Greek and Egyptian gods?

the Egyptian gods had the heads of animal;the greek gods looked like humans.

Who is the Greek god of miners?

there is no god of mining there are gods that are like that but there are no gods of mining

Why were there Roman gods?

They didn't like the Greek's gods, so had there own instead.

Why were Greek gods worshiped?

Just like any culture or religon they have gods.

How old was Dionysus?

Gods have no age, Greek gods like the Christian god.

How do Greek gods viewed their gods?

like kings and better like kings and better

What is Immortal Fluid in veins Greek Gods?

Ichor is the fluid that flows like blood in the veins of immortal Greek gods and goddesses.

Compare the greek Gods and roman Gods?

They were most the same, but more warlike - like Romans

Are the Greek gods out of the mythology actual living beings?

They were just like gods in other religions.

What did Greek myths of Greek gods and goddesses help Greeks to understand?

Greek Myths of greek gods and goddesses helped Greeks to understand everything from love to natrual occurences like earthquakes and lightning.