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where are the plains in ancient Greece

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Q: What were the plains of Ancient Greece like?
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Who told the future in ancient Greece?

Homer from ancient Greece predicted what Greece was going to be like.

What is life like in ancient Greece today?

Ancient Greece doesnt exist anymore. Thats why its called ancient:) Life in normal Greece is, well, normal!

Did ancient Greece have tombs like ancient Egypt?

No, they had gravestones.

What was land like in ancient Greece like?


What was the technologies like in ancient Greece?

was fast

What were the beds like in ancient Greece?

It had designs on it....

What kind of jobs did the kids have in ancient Greece?

kids in ancient Greece often did house work like collecting water.

What happens in ancient gymnastics?

ancient gymnastics comes from ancient Greece because ancient Greece made the Olympics in ancient times they did things like beam vault bars and more

Where did formal theater begin?

In Ancient Greece In Ancient Greece In Ancient Greece

Who taught girls in Ancient Greece?

in ancient Greece the girls were taught by there mothers at home things like cooking cleaning and sewing

How many gods are there in ancient greece?

like 15

How the government of ancient Greece changed?

they like cheese