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There are a great many "ancient races" and all had women.

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Q: What were the woman of this ancient race called?
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What were the women of the ancient race of gods called?

Goddesses in Norse mythology were called Asynjur.

What is a woman poet called in ancient Greece?


Who particapated in the ancient Olympics at the marathon in ancient Greece?

Any free, greek man. if a married woman tried to come, she'd be killed. unmarried girls also had their own race.

What was called Nepal on the basic of race in ancient time?

in tibetian language nepal was called home of wool and in the limbu language nepal was called plain laind so on the basic of race nepal was called plain land and home of wool

What were women called in ancient Rome?

Women in ancient Rome were usually called by their names.However the Latin word for a woman is femina.There were other connotations, such asmulier for a grown woman,puella for a young girl,domina meant mistress and was the polite and formal was to address a woman,anus for an old woman andvetula for a little old lady.

What did the Greeks call the race of immoetals before the gods?

they called them tittins which means "before the olympians" in ancient greek

How long was the ancient Olympics race track?

Speed skater Kim Ki-hoon, of South Korea, won the 1000 m short-track race in the 1992 Olympics with a time of 90.76 s. How many milliseconds did it take him to finish the race? How many centimeters long was the race?

Who was the woman believed to be an oracle in ancient Greece and Rome?

There wasn't just one oracle there was many but the most famouse was Delphi.

The ancient Olympics had how many games?

The first Olympic Games had only 1 sport which was the foot-race called a sade

What race were the ancient Palestinians?


Pictures of ancient Romans man and woman?

pictures of ancient Romans man and woman

Could a foreign woman become a Chinese citizen in ancient china?

How ancient? Even in the ancient times. they had Woman Emperor.