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Hm... A worried look; a look of "We should follow the rules" look; A colon-S look or...

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Q: What would a mask of ismene Greek look like?
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How do you write Polyphemus in Ancient Greek?

Polyphemus would look like this in Greek: Πολύφημος

What did ancient Greek theaters look like?

What did the Ancient Greek Theatres look like?

What is Theseus Greek name?

Theseus IS his Greek name. In Greek it would look like this: Θησεύς. It would be said "theh-say-OOS" with the pitch rising ont he last syllable.

How do you spell Alec in Greek?

I can't get this to render greek letters...A = alphaL = LambdaE = EpsilonC = ChiThus I think it would look like ALEX in GreekANSWER:Αλέξανδρος (Alexandros) is Alec in Greek.

What would Jesus's name look like in Aramaic Hebrew and Greek?

In Aramaic, Jesus's name would be Yeshua. In Hebrew, it would be ישוע‎ (Yeshua), and in Greek, it would be Ἰησοῦς (Iēsous).

What does Jodie look like in Greek?


How does the Greek flag look like?

IT LOOKS LIKE .......YOface

What does a Greek warrior look like?

Do a google search of Greek warrior image.

What did the Lotus Eaters from Greek Myth look like?

The Lotus Eaters were not described physically in Greek Myth. I don't know what they looked like, but they would convince you to want to stay on there island with the lotus flowers.

How do you write Amy in Ancient Greek?

my classical greek is a little rusty but i remember "polemioi" for a large amount of enemies. an army or camp for that matter is "parembole" or you can copy and paste this into a font like symbol "parembolh" to see what that would look like in greek.

Does a Greek titan look like a tiger?

No, not really.

What does the greek god Earth look like?