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Q: What would you do if everything you touch turn into gold?
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What was king Midas's wish?

Every thing he touch would turn into gold.

What is an exposition in the story king midas?

King Midas said to Apollo, "Everything that I touch will turn to gold."

What is the Midas myth?

he went to a the powerfuluiest king name DIONYSUS and asked him " everything i touch turn into gold" so even his daughter turned in to gold hahahahahahahah.

History of the meaning the Midas touch?

In Greek mythology, King Midas had the ability to turn everything he touched into gold. To have the Midas touch means that what you do tends to make wealth.

What is the resolution of King Midas in his Golden Touch?

When Dionysus tells Midas that if he washes his hands under water, everything that he turned into gold would turn back to normal. The curse would go away too.

What do Minos turn into?

In the fairytale Minos did not turn into anything. But he wished that everything he touched would turn into gold, and he could not eat or drink. But one day he touched hid daughter and she turned into gold!

Does the iPod Touch erase everything when you turn it off?


Who tried to turn everything into gold?

king midas

Who touched turn all to gold?

King Midas of Phrygia's touch turned things to gold.

What does midas tocuh mean?

Midas was a guy who had the ability to touch anything and it would immediately turn into gold so saying you have the Midas touch means whatever you do becomes good.

What does it mean to have a midas touch?

Nowadays, a Midas touch means that you are charming. This expression got started with the Greek myth of King Minas, who begged the god, Dionysus to grant him that everything he touched would turn to gold. Ultimately, this led to Minas not being able to eat, as well as turning his daughter into a golden statue.

How do you turn other poptropicans into gold with Midas Touch on poptropica?

Click spacebar.