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2012 - 30 = 1982

2013 - 30 = 1983

2014 - 30 = 1984

2015 - 30 = 1985


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If I'm 30 in 2020 when was I born

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Q: What year would it be 30 years ago?
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What was the year 30 years ago as of 2015?

1985 = 2015 - 30

What year was it 2000 years ago from 1970?

30 b.C.

Was Hitler alive 30 years ago?

No, Hitler died on April 30, 1945. 30 years ago would have been 1991.

What year were dolphins discovered?

a very very long time ago about 20-30 years ago

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This is 2008 AD... so 33 AD is 1975 years ago

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This question makes no sense. If a person died 30 years ago, you can't tell what year the person was born without any other additional information.

What year was Colt Combat Commander Serial No 70SC56912 made?

@ 30 years ago

How did cars pollute the environment 30 years ago?

it would make sence

When were you born if you are 30 years old?

30 years ago

If i am leave denmark 30 year ago can i renew my rasidance permit?

If you left Denmark 30 years ago and you still hold the Danish citizenship, then you can renew your residence permit.

How long ago was 30 years ago?

Let me think about this question. As a very rough approximation, it was exactly and precisely 30 years ago!

Would you find spores or seeds 30 million years ago?

Angiosperms were in bloom that long ago, so you would certainly find seeds.