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Roman temples are first built through the influenced of Etruscans in the 12th Century B.C. The materials built in these temples are mainly concrete, marble and bricks.

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Q: When and how were Roman temples built?
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Are the temples in Baalbek Roman Greek or Phoenician?

The temple is Roman built on Phoenician foundations.

How were temples built?

Temples were built by cement

How many Roman temples did Augustus restore during his reign?

Augustus built temples, rather than restore temples. He built the Temple of Caesar,and the Temple of Mars Ultor (which was in the Forum of Augustus, which he also built). He also built the temple which is now called the Maison Carrée in Nimes, in southern France

What did the Aztecs build?

The Aztecs Built Temples.

What temple was built to honor Rome's god's?

All Roman temples were built in honour of Rome's gods. Temples were places for worship. They were dedicated to one god or goddess or two or three related divinities. On type of temple, the pantheon was dedicated to all gods.

When was the Roman Temple built?

Rome had many temples. You have to be specific about which temple you mean in order for your question to be answered.

How did the Greeks worship Neptune?

They did not. Neptune was a Roman god. But the Greeks built temples to their sea god, Poseidon.

Who made the Roman temple?

Roman temples were built by architects and mason. They were funded by the spoils of war and their construction usually followed a victory in battle.

What river did the Egyptians built temples?

On the Nile River the Egyptians built the temples!

What class of people built the Aztec temples?

The slaves built the Aztec temples

When was the temples of abu simbel built?

The temples of Abu Simbel was built in 1257BC

How was the pantheon different from other Roman temples?

It was different because it was dedicated to ALL the Roman gods and was built under Emporer Hadrian`s command

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