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Hercules Pakenham died in 1937.

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Q: When did Hercules Pakenham die?
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When was Hercules Pakenham born?

Hercules Pakenham was born in 1863.

When did Richard Pakenham die?

Richard Pakenham died in 1868.

When did William Spring of Pakenham die?

William Spring of Pakenham died in 1637.

When did Ridley Pakenham-Walsh die?

Ridley Pakenham-Walsh died in 1966.

When did Edward Pakenham die?

Edward Pakenham died on January 8, 1815 at the age of 36.

When did William Christopher Pakenham die?

William Christopher Pakenham died on 1933-07-28.

When did Charles Pakenham Buchanan die?

Charles Pakenham Buchanan died on 1924-09-22.

When did W. S. Pakenham-Walsh die?

W. S. Pakenham-Walsh died on 1960-04-26.

When did Thomas Pakenham - Royal Navy officer - die?

Thomas Pakenham - Royal Navy officer - died in 1836.

When was Richard Pakenham born?

Richard Pakenham was born in 1797.

When was Pakenham Windmill created?

Pakenham Windmill was created in 1831.

When was Michael Pakenham born?

Michael Pakenham was born in 1943.