When did rameses 11 die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He died in 1224 BC

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Q: When did rameses 11 die?
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What did king rameses 2 die from?

When Moses parted the Red Sea Rameses II went through it chacing after him, when Rameses II went through it, it colapsed drowning Rameses II and his army in it.

How many Ramses were there?

well, i've just finished reading about them and there are only 11 Ramses that we're aware of.

Where is rameses mentioned in the Bible?

The name Rameses is mentioned in four verses of the KJV bible. (Genesis 47:11, Exodus 12:37, Numbers 33:3, Numbers 33:5)

Who was Rameses moms name?

Rameses moms name was tuya. she was married to rameses dad king Seti.

Why was Rameses important to Egyptian history?

Rameses was a king

Who was rameses married to?

Rameses ii was married to Nefertari.

What is the name of North Carolina mascots?


How did rameses II of Egypt die?

Ramses the second died of Polo not small pox Manny people get this confused

Is Moses step brother Rameses the 1st 2nd third or 16th?

It was Rameses the 3rd.

Who is panehesy and how had he come to be in Egypt?

He was an overseer around the time of Rameses 11. Usually depicted with his triad of Gods, Osiris, Isia and Horus.

Who was Rameses?

the god

What was rameses early life like?

Rameses had a childhood of royalty he became a prince at age 14