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The Roman Republic was formed 509 BC. Up till then Rome had been ruled by Etruscan kings. The Roman took their gods from the Etruscans and their Italic ancestors and neighbors. Later they incorporated many of the Greek gods. This means that some of the Roman myths go far back in history or pre-history.

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Roman Mythology is the same as Greek mythology but for when Romans adopted the Greek mythology, I would say it would be around the time the Romans conquered Greece

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Q: When did roman mythology come about?
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Where do roman numerals come from?

greek mythology

Where does the last name reyna come from?

Roman mythology

What has the author M A Dwight written?

M. A. Dwight has written: 'Grecian and Roman mythology for schools' -- subject(s): Classical Mythology 'Grecian and Roman mythology' -- subject(s): Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology 'Grecian and Roman mythology' -- subject(s): Classical Mythology, Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology

Where did the word volcano come from in greek mythology?

The word volcano more likely came from ROMAN mythology, not Greek, because the Roman god of fire and volcanoes was called Vulcan.

What are the sects of roman mythology?

Roman mythology did not have sects.

What culture did come from?

Cupid is a god of desire from Roman mythology. Rome is today in Italy.

In Greek and Roman mythology who was the goddess of the hunt?

In Greek Mythology, Artemis Roman Mythology, Diana

What is the basis of Roman mythology?

Roman mythology is based on/borrowed from Greek mythology, using diffrent names.

What culture did cupid come from?

Cupid is a god of desire from Roman mythology. Rome is today in Italy.

What is the name of greek and roman mythology grouped together?

Greco-Roman mythology.

What is the meaning of Earth in roman mythology?

In Roman mythology, Earth is known as Terra or Tellus. She is considered the goddess of the earth and fertility. Earth plays a vital role in the creation and sustenance of life in Roman mythology.

In roman mythology who was the ruler of the gods?

Jupiter was the ruler of the Gods in Roman Mythology?