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No one used iron before 1500 BC. The Hittites in West Asia did learn how to use it and could see how much better the iron weapons were than bronze ones so they decided not to tell anyone else how to make iron. They kept this secret for 400 years until about 1100 BC . The Greeks, Egyptians, Kushites, Romans, all made iron weapons. Iron working went to India around 800 BC and to China around 700 or 600 BC. In 300 BC people in India began to make steel swords and sewing needles. The steel needles were strong and thin so people began to sew clothes instead of wrapping pieces of cloth around themselves. Eventually Central Asians sold their steel to China and along the Silk Road. By 800 AD the Vikings were going through Russia to Central Asia for steel.

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It was a transition from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age.

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Agricultural practices became more advanced due to better tools.

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Q: When early civilizations around the world developed an ability to smelt metal. this led directly to culture innovation?
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