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he became king in 1550 bc

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Q: When was pharaoh Kush decided to be king?
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What was the ancient kingdom of kush's politics like?

Kush's politics was un organized and very structred they had one king ior pharaoh and had a lot of varied slaves who workedd on temples and built various worship buildings

What was the name of the great Kush pharaoh?

the pharaohs names are Piye and Taharka

Was tut a pharaoh or a king?

King Tutankhamen was a pharaoh.

Is a king the same as a Pharaoh?

yes a king is like a Pharaoh

Who is mentioned as dominating the story of ancient Kush?

Piankhi was the Kush King known for dominating ancient Kush.

In 750 BC King Kasha of Kush conquered?

In 750 B.C., King Kasha of Kush conquered Egypt.

Why is the 25th dynasty of significant in the history of Egypt and kush?

Shabaka declared himself a Pharaoh.

Who was the pharaoh that sent an army to take control of kush around 1500 BC?

Pharaoh Thutmose I sent an army to take control of Kush. This effectively made the area a part of Egypt.

What was the difference between a king and a pharaoh?

A king is an anarchy a pharaoh is dead...nah joking A pharaoh is like an emperor

Why is the 25th Dynasty significant in the history of both Egypt and Kush?

Shabaka declared himself a Pharaoh.

What is king kush famous for?


Did Egypt declare Alexander a pharaoh?

Pharaoh means king. Alexander by conquering Egypt became it's king = pharaoh.