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in troy in 1210bc :)

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Q: When was the Trojan prince Hector born?
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Who was troys greatest warrior?

For Troy, it was Hector Priamades.

Who was the Trojan prince?

There were over fifty sons of priam, but the main ones were Hector and Paris

Who was Hector's brother?

Paris, whose judgment started the Trojan war and the younger prince of Troy.

What are some achievements by Achilles?

He lead Myrmidons to victory in the Trojan War

Who was Hector from the Trojan War?

Hector was a Trojan prince, the son of King Priam and his queen, Hecuba. He was commander of the Trojans in the Trojan War. Hector was killed in single combat with Achilles. There is at present no proof that Hector or someone like him really existed, but most myth has its basis in reality. Please click on the related link below to read more.

Who was killed and dragged by a chariot around the city of troy during the trojan war?

Hector, Prince of Troy.

When did Hector live?

I assume you are refering to the Trojan Prince and great fighter during the Trojan War. Hector never lived, he was just a myth. The Trojan War occured between 1260 and 1240 BC, so if he were real he must of existed during that time.

Who was the Trojan bravest warrior?

Hector was the bravest Trojan warrior.

Who is the Trojan hero killed by Achilles and dragged around the town's walls?

The hero you are referring to was Hector, a Trojan prince, first-born son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba and the greatest fighter for Troy in the Trojan War. When they battled face-to-face, Achilles stabbed Hector through the chest and despite Hector's pleas for an honorable burial, he slit Hectors heels, threaded the girdle that Ajax had given Hector through the slits, then fastened the girdle to his chariot and drove it around Troy's walls.

Who was the only Trojan prince to survive the war?

Aenaes the third cousin of Hector, managed to escape and he founded the roots of rome

What role did Hector play in the Trojan war?

Hector was King Priam's eldest son, and was the commander in chief of the Trojan forces. Hector was the best warrior on the Trojan side.

Which Trojan hero was the father of the Romans?