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well it depends on what you mean by "kite"

a version of the kite was originally created in china in around 400BC, but if you mean the modern kite with the christian cross holding a piece of fabric, was recorded in the 1635 book, the mysteryes of nature and art by john bates

hope this helps

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Q: When was the kite first invented?
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What are some things Isaac Newton invented?

He invented the first kite

Which Chinese first produced a kite in 400 BC?

See related links. No one knows exactly how and who invented the first kite.

When were the first kites flown?

The kite was first invented and popularized approximately 2,800 years ago in China according to the Wikipedia page on the Kite.

Who made first kite?

The kite comes to us from the Chinese. They were flying them some 2800 years ago. The Kite was invented in china by Lua ben

Who created the kite?

No one knows exactly how or who invented the first kite. It is thought that the earliest use of kiteswas among the Chinese.

Who invented the first box kite?

The Chinese have been building kites for hundreds of years.

Where was the kite invented?


Can you give me a sentence with the word invented in it?

I invented the kite.

When was the kite officially invented?

the dude Ben whatever invented this thingy. Its called a kite I think. It was invented in 2003. Close anough. tuh end

Was the kite invented in China?


Who is the person who invented the kite?

The kite was invented in China some 1,500 years ago. The Chinese name Mozi and Lu Ban as the inventors.

Who invented the lighting rod and were was it invented?

Benjamin Franklin, in his kite experiment.