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Men simply did not refuse to join the military in ancient Greece. If they did, they would likely have been put to death or exiled.

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Q: When young men refust to join the army in ancient greek what do they do?
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Who led the Greek army of the Trojan war?

The leader of the Greek army was Agamemnon.

How do you write Amy in Ancient Greek?

my classical greek is a little rusty but i remember "polemioi" for a large amount of enemies. an army or camp for that matter is "parembole" or you can copy and paste this into a font like symbol "parembolh" to see what that would look like in greek.

How did Greek generals teach their men to fight?

There was no ancient Greek army. Each city had its own armey, and the city arranged training sessions to train their youth, and to practice battle formations. The gymnasium was a place for individual trining.

What port town was Artemis angered at?

Aulis an ancient Greek town in Boeotia and traditionally the port from which the Greek army set sail for the Trojan War. King Agamemnon of Mycenae sacrificed his daughter Iphigenia to appease her.

What is the differences between Spartans and athenians in ancient rome?

Sparta was a Greek city-state that was known for it's army they went into battles and won, Athens was also a Greek city-state but it was known for being a good place for trade kids even went to school. Ancient Roman empire and Ancient Greece were in different time periods.

When was Greek People's Liberation Army created?

Greek People's Liberation Army was created in 1942.

Who was the most the most important ancient greek titan for mythology?

Atlas because he lead the titans in the battle versus the Olympians or Cronus because he formed the army.

How many soldiers did the Persian army have at the battle of plataea?

Ancient sources give a wide range of figures. The most realistic is 90,000 plus 40,000 Greek allies.

Did ancient armies use gay men in there infantry's an why?

holy army, 150 gay partners 300 men army, part of the greek army. assembled by gao ji dasi. and captured Philip 11. at age 15, who was the father of Alexander the great king of Macedonia.

What influenece did the Greeks have on the Romans?

The ancient Greek culture became part of Roman culture. Romans admired the philosophy, poetry, and the prose of the ancient Greeks. The architecture in Athens for example had an influence on Roman architecture. Greek tutors even as slaves were teachers of the aristocratic Romans. The early Roman army used the Greek phalanx for a time. Most upper class Romans could speak Greek as well as Latin.

What languages were spoken in ancient Greece?

Being Greek meant that you spoke Greek. There were several dialects used by the different peoples who made up the Greek world - mainly Aeolic, Doric and Ionian, but it became based on Classical Greek 2500 years ago.The ancient Greeks spoke a language that we call Ancient Greek.Ancient Greece people speak Greek and who ever didn't know that now knows.Greek.In Ancient Greece, people spoke Ancient Greek--for the Archaic and Classical periods. For the time period around Alexander the Great and the New Testament, a language known as Koine Greek was spoken.Basicall, yes, however like English today, there were many dialects.Greeks spoke ancient greek in ancient times, which has slowly evolved into modern greekOnly if their professional life required it. The word 'barbarian' applied to non-Greeks derived from a saying that foreign languages sounded like 'bar-bar-bar'.Originally, ancient Greece had several different languages and dialects. The main three languages were Aeolic, Ionic and Doric, with their various dialects.When Athens came into power, Attic Greek was spoken. Attic Greek is the language of the Greek classics.When Alexander the Great amassed his army, he standardized the language so his troops could understand one another. This became Hellenistic Greek or Koine Greek. This was the Greek that became the cultured and diplomatic language of the ancient world. This is the language of the New Testament and the Septuagint.greekAncient Greek language laid the foundation for all the modern European languages. The first Europeans to use alphabets to read and write were the ancient Greeks. There are a couple of theories relating to the origin of ancient Greek language. Some scholars and historians believe Proto-Greek speakers who had migrated to the Greek peninsula somewhere in 2500 BC founded the ancient Greek language. There is another theory that says Greek language was formulated before the migration of the Proto-Greeks into Greece.

What is the popular police in ancient Greek?

In Athens, the Scythian slaves used as archers in the army were also used as police so that Athenian citizens did not have to lay hands on each other.