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I am a Fillipino.Where we emerged was that the Spainards conquered us and ended up on the islands.Coolio thing about us is that we are considered Asian, but speak spanish.But we Fillipinos call it Tegulog (Taa-gaa-loge).

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Well, Filipinos are Austronesian speakers. There are three places, that are originating places of Filipinos. They are China, Taiwan and Madagascar (Africa).

Now, first, let me start by saying where Filipinos did NOT come from. Indonesia. Because, Filipino schools still preach the old bogus lie that the original Filipinos were Malays from Malaysia/Indonesia who sailed up north to the Philippines. I just want to puke everytime I hear or see that in Philippine sources. Giving most Filipinos the idea that they are totally ethnic Malays.

Okay, so let's get on to FACTS here. Filipinos are not Malays, but however Filipinos and Malays do share a very common origin. The original lineage, that eventually reached the Philippines is known to have started in the Yunnan Province of China. This the same places, whhere the ethnic Malays, ethnic Khmers (Cambodians), and Vietnamese/Thai and Loatian people originated. This origin, reached the island of Taiwan and intermingled with Taiwanese aboregines. The latter, sailed further south and reached the Philippine Archipelago. Filipinos have a lot of genetic similarity with Taiwanese aboregines. This lineage continued on, and reached Malaysia and the Indonesian Archipelago where they became the first ethnic Malays. This explains why Filipinos and Malays look like "twins", NOT BECAUSE Filipinos are ethnic Malays. Because Filipinos and Malays have identical origins. Vietnamese and Malays look a like, and Vietnamese people don't call themselves ethnic Malays! Vietnamese, Cambodians, Malays, Thai and Filipinos all look alike. Why? Because they have the same origin - Yunnan Province, China. This is why.

In the 1500s, Spain owned the Philippines. This caused some intermingling between the natives and the Spanish. Descendants of these are called "mestizos".

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Q: Where did Filipinos originate from?
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