Where did pegasus live?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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mt olympus

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Q: Where did pegasus live?
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Were did pegasus live?

were did pegasus live? were did pegasus live?

Where do pegasus live?

pegasus lives in the sky somewhere,but nobody knows where is it.some people thinks pegasus exist,some don't.

Where does pegsus live?

Nowhere. Pegasus was a mythical winged horse.

How long do Pegasus live?


Where do pegasus's live?

In the clouds above north america.

What country do pegasus live in?

Sorry, but pagasus aren't real...

Did any animals live on mount Olympus?

Pegasus did. He was Zeus's thunderbolt carrier.

How many Beyblade pegasus are there and which are the best?

There are 5 types of Pegasus legend Cyber pegasus,storm pegasus,galaxy pegasus,big bang Pegasus and wing Pegasus The best is wing pegasus

Where does the pegasus live?

There is only one Pegasus, son of Medusa, the immortal winged horse. He resides now on Mount Olympus.

Pegasus was tamed by a man who tried to ride him to Hades?

The man who tamed Pegasus and tried to ride him to Hades was Bellerophon. Pegasus allowed Bellerophon to ride him due to his pure heart and noble intentions, but when Bellerophon attempted to reach the realm of the gods, Pegasus threw him off, causing Bellerophon to fall back to Earth.

Can you get winged Pegasus alone?

Yes, in classical Greek mythology there was only one Pegasus. However in popular culture, pegasi as a species are very social creatures who live for thrills.

Should I purchase Nike Air Pegasus Livestrong?

Yes I have seen the Nike Air Pegasus LiveStrong. It seems to me that purchasing them would be the right idea if you have a willingness to live a better lifestyle. I also think the Nike Air Pegasus looks very cool.