Where did the Cicones live?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Cicones lived in Ismarus, fairly close to Troy.

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Q: Where did the Cicones live?
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What does the island of Cicones look like?

The Cicones did not live on an island; rather they lived in the city of Ismarus, off the Mediterranean sea.

Who was the parents of the god cicones?

The Cicones were not gods, and their parents were Cicones.

Was Cicones the leader on the ship?

The Cicones did not explicitly have any ships. No.

What are the cicones allies of?

The Cicones were said to be allies of the Kingdom of Troy.

Why does Odysseus stop at the land of cicones?

Odysseus stops at Ismarus, land of the Cicones, to sack the city and take the Cicones' wives and booty.

How did the Cicones look like?

The Cicones looked much like the Trojans.

How did Odysseus and his men respond to the cicones behavior?

At first Odysseus and his crew killed the Cicones and took their wives and booty, but later they fled from the Cicones.

Which of these statements is true regarding the Cicones and Odysseus and his men?

The Cicones outnumbered Odysseus and his men.

What did the cicones do to Odysseus and his men?

The Cicones killed 6 men from each of Odysseus's ships.

How do Odysseus and his men treat the cicones?

Odysseus and his men initially treat the Cicones with hostility by raiding their city. The Cicones then counterattack, leading to the loss of several of Odysseus's men.

What is the land of the Cicones?


How are the cicones able to attack and drive away Odysseus and his men?

The Cicones on the shore call for reinforcements from inland. The Cicones inland outnumbered Odysseus' crew, and could fight from chariot or on foot, with bronze tipped spears.