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At several temples of Vesta, the most important one on the Forum Romanum in Rome.

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Q: Where did the Romans worship Vesta?
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Why did Romans worship vesta?

people worshiped vesta because without her flame kept alive rome would get destroyed.

What did the Romans called Hestia?


Why was the greek goddess hestia more important to the Romans as the goddess vesta?

Hestia was not more important than Vesta. At some point in their history, the Romans linked their divinities to the Greek ones. Vesta was the Roman equivalent of Hestia.

What name did the Romans give to a priestess in the temple of vesta?

The Romans called a priestess in the temple of Vesta a "Vestal Virgin." These priestesses were tasked with keeping the sacred fire of Vesta burning and maintaining the purity of the temple.

What did Vesta Goddess of the hearth do for the ancient Romans?

Vesta did exist, she was the Goddess of the Hearth symbolized by fire. While Hestia was more of a stay at home mom. Vesta was known for keeping the house nourished and warm.

Did Romans insist that Jews worship Roman gods?

No the Romans did not force the Jews to worship their gods.

Did the Romans worship idols?

yes they worship the idols

What was Hestia's latin and roman name?

Romans spoke Latin, and called the Greek goddess Hestia as Vesta.

How many gods did Romans worship?

The Romans worshiped hundreds of gods

Why did the Christians get hurt by the Romans?

The Romans told the Christians to worship their Ceasar, but the Chrisitans said that they should only worship God and that made the Romans really angry.

What is Hestia's roman name and why was it given to her?

Hestia's Roman name was Vesta. It is not known why the name Vesta was given to her. Vesta was one of theearliestRoman deities and she was a very important goddess before the Romans were influenced by theGreeks. As a result ofGreekinfluence, she was then linked to Hestia because she, too, was the goddess of the hearth.

How do Romans worship their gods?

Romans worship their gods through feasting. For example, Saturnalia.....