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Q: Where in the US can you find many monuments and memorials?
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What does the building of the pyramids tells us about Egyptian society?

The pyramids represent the determination of a society to build something that is both meaningful and difficult. The pyramids were burial tombs, so their leaders were powerful enough to garner the men and materials necessary to produce these monuments. The difficulty came in having the engineering skills to design these pyramids, find the material (limestone blocks) and move it into place. :D

Why did Greek pots tell stories?

I find this a good idea. The Greek paintings, that told stories, are all destroyed. But many of the pots are still with us. Be grateful! The easiest way to tell a story is though symbols and metaphors.

Why did the Olympian gods and goddesses choose Mount Olympus?

They did not tell us. But it was the highest place they could find in Greece.

How many seneters are their in the US?

The CIA Factbook estimate for 2008 states that the US population consists of 12.7 % age 65 and older. (males 16,263,255 and females 22,426,914)About 12.7% of the US is 65 years of age or older.

Why is the egyptian civilization important?

The Egyptian civilization is an incredibly important civilization in human history because of its lasting influence on culture art language and architecture. The ancient Egyptians were the first to develop a writing system they developed a calendar and they made advancements in mathematics engineering and medicine. They were also the first to construct large-scale monuments and religious temples. This civilization has left behind a vast legacy of knowledge that has helped us understand the world today. Here are some of the important contributions of the Egyptian civilization: Developed a writing system Developed a calendar Advanced mathematics engineering and medicine Constructed large-scale monuments and religious temples Left behind a vast legacy of knowledgeThe contributions of the Egyptian civilization have had a lasting influence on the world and continue to shape our culture art language and architecture today.

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What are the national parks historical parks battelfields memorials monuments to historic sites?

the national parks historical parks battelfields memorials monuments are historic sites that are managed and taken care by the US Department of interiors

What monuments start with a and are in the US?

Arlington National Cemetery is a monument to the many brave individuals who fought in the nation's conflicts. The cemetery grounds include several memorials including The Tomb of the Unknowns.

How many Vietnam memorials are there in US?

See: Vietnam Veterans Memorials

How many presidents have memorials?

Here in the united states we take pride in our founding father and the things that they did and accomplished in order for this country to become what it has. And as proud Americans we have build monuments to honor those that are no longer with us. With the light research that I have done I have counted 21 monuments honoring our past presidents.

How many Vietnam War memorials are there in the US?

In the 21st Century, nearly every US state has one, or one in planning.

What do you call Words written on memorials reminding us to remember those who fought?

Many memorials have the words' Lest We Forget' inscribed on them.

How many war memorials are there in the US?

In the 21st Century, nearly every US state has one, or one in planning.

How many National Parks and Monuments are in the US?

In total there are 401

Where are there memorials to the Holocaust today?

There are memorials all over where the Holocaust took place.Many other nations like Israel, the US or the UK have memorials also.

Why are so many of the US's national monument memorials historic sites and landmarks are located in and around Washington DC?

Washington DC is the national capital so it is natural to put national monuments in the capital. The city was literally designed out of a swampy land to be the location for national focus. In the 50 states there are national monuments, parks, federal parks, and historical sites.

Why are the only National Monuments in US?

The only US National Monuments are in the USA. Other nations have their National Monuments in their countries.It'd be a bit strange to have a national monument in another country.

How big is wwii memorial?

There is insufficient information for us to even begin to understand this question. Please edit the question to include more context or relevant information, such as which memorial.There are many WW2 Memorials, please be more specific.There are many WW2 Memorials, please be more specific.