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Along the flood plane of the Nile river and in the Nile delta.

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I would say that you would find the best farmland along the Nile River because of the rich soil and silt that the floods create.

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Q: Where is the best farming land in Egypt?
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What percentage of Egypt's land is cultivated for farming?


How did the Egypt's people use the land?

In Ancient Egypt, people used the land for farming and growing different types of crops. They also used it as a place to put their shelters.

Is most farming in ancient Egypt and in present-day Egypt done along the nile?

Because the regular flooding of the Nile makes the land fertile and that's pretty much the only fertile land in Egypt.

Why was Egypt rich?

Fertile farming land, good trade routes, big workforce, powerful army,

What Percentage of Egypt land cultivated for farming?


Where are the main farming regions in modern Egypt?

The Nile Valley ad Delta is the only geographical region in Egypt that has cultivatable land, so there isn't really any farming regions, only geographical regions -lovebird403

What was farming like in Egypt?

farming in Egypt was hard and was a whole lot of work.

If land is defined as Arable it best suited for which activity?


Why was the land in the Middle Colonies attractive to immigrants?

it offered rich land for farming

Farming in Egypt?

The Pharaoh ordered peasants to do all the farming

How did the major floodings affect both the Mesopotamian and the Egyptian's?

It help the farming of Egypt by brining silt to the land (silt is bits of rocks0

How did the flooding of major rivers affect the Mesopotamian and the Egyptians?

It help the farming of Egypt by brining silt to the land (silt is bits of rocks0