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Q: Where the ancient Greeks gods remote from human affairs?
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Where did the ancient greek gods remote from human affairs?

not sure

Did the Ancient Greeks blamed humanity for disorder in the universe?

No, they imputed this to "the Gods", who were constantly meddling in human affairs.

What do gods of ancient Greeks wear?

They would wear robes. Made by the human world.

What did they wear in the first Ancient Games?

nothing, they were naked as the Greeks liked the human body

What was Zeus made out of?

The ancient Greeks believed their gods to be spiritual, just as the Abrahamic God is. Zeus was the sky god and chief god in the ancient Greek pantheon, and was spiritual like the others. And all the gods could take on human form when they needed to intervene in human affairs. Of course, the Romans carved statues, or idols, to help them pray to the gods.

Why was Hypnos important to ancient Greeks?

Hypnos was the god of sleep. Sleep is important to human health.

When was Human Affairs created?

Human Affairs was created in 1990.

Where psychology originated?

Psychology originally originated back in ancient times with the Greeks. These people would study human interactions and certain human behaviors.

What did the ancient Greeks believe about human anatomy?

They knew that the brain connected to everything, so from that on they just found everything else out..

What was ancient Greek religion as described in the Homeric epics?

Ancient Greek religion was polytheistic. There were 12 main deities which made up the pantheon. These gods were recognized by the ancient Greeks but the gods were recognized in different ways by a wide variety of Greeks.

Why did the Greeks believe in gods and goddesses?

The Greeks believed in gods and goddesses to explain natural phenomena, human experience, and to provide moral guidance. These deities were also seen as powerful beings who influenced different aspects of life, serving as a way for ancient Greeks to understand and interact with the world around them.

What does ancient greek architecture tell about their beliefs?

Architects strived for precision and excellence which were the hallmarks of Greek art in general, and this centred on their respect for the gods and their intervention in human affairs.