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poseidon- he is the god of the oceans.. I think!!

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Q: Which Greek god releashed his wrath through whirlpools and tsunamis?
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What god released his wrath through whirlpools and tsunamis?

Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea and earthquakes, was often associated with releasing his wrath through whirlpools and tsunamis. He was known to cause destructive forces in the ocean, bringing about chaos and disaster.

Creature who makes whrlipools in greek mythology?

The creature that creates whirlpools in Greek mythology is Charybdis, she has a sister named Scylla who has snakes for hands.

Is Neptune the greek god of tsunamis?

Neptune- also poseidon- is the god of the oceans and seas so it does include tsunamis. He also created horses

What is the greek mythology of the origin of tsunamis?

They wouldn't have called them tsunamis because that's a Japanese word, but any tidal waves and their usual cause, earthquakes, would have been blamed on Poseidon.

How did the Greek and Roman people believe tsunamis occurred?

According to the ancients, Poseidon was the source of Earthquakes and the resultant tidal waves.

What does Charybdis do three times a day?

In Greek mythology, Charybdis is a sea monster that creates whirlpools three times a day by sucking in and expelling large amounts of water, causing dangerous currents for ships passing by.

What is the greek goddess Gaia's special talents?

Gaia, according to greek myths, is the earth. So her special talents would be what ever the earth does... tsunamis, volcanoes,wind,rain. The greek gods my controll them but Gaia makes them possible. Oh and she is the mother of all Titans, gods, cyclopses, ect....

What kind of relationship did Poseidon have with humans?

Poseidon, Greek god of the sea, had a kind relationship with humans, and is mostly peaceful. Occasionally though, he will lash out, whick can result in earthquakes and tsunamis.

What is the Greek god of natural phenomena?

anything that is natural to the earth that they explained like rainbows or rain, flowers trees, stuff of that nature.

How did greek culture sperad?

Greek culture was spread through conquering of neighboring countries.

Eimi a journey through soviet russia what does eimi stand for in the title Eimi a journey through soviet Russia?

Eimi is Greek for "I am" Eimi is also ancient Greek for 'I will go'.

How was Greek culture affected by the sea?

it was affected by the sea because they had to trade there