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Q: Which architectural design was used in both Mayan and Ancient Egyptian civilizations?
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Which architectural design was used both Mayan and ancient Egyptian civilizations?


What are some Ancient Egyptian patterns?

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What number was used in ancient China's architectural design?

It is 3.

What number was used often in ancient china's architectural design?

It is 3.

What architectural design was often used by the Ancient Egyptians?

pyramids, oobelisks, and temples

What has the author Alexander Badawy written?

Alexander Badawy has written: 'Architecture in ancient Egypt and the Near East' -- subject(s): Ancient Architecture, Architecture, Architecture, Ancient, Architecture, Egyptian, Egyptian Architecture 'A monumental gateway for a temple of Sety I' -- subject(s): Architecture, Antiquities 'Coptic art and archaeology' -- subject(s): Art, Coptic, Art, Medieval, Christian antiquities, Coptic Art, Medieval Art 'Le dessin architectural chez les anciens egyptiens' -- subject(s): Architecture, Antiquities 'Ancient Egyptian architectural design' -- subject(s): Architecture, Architecture, Egyptian, Designs and plans, Composition, proportion

Which architectural design was used in both Mayan and Ancient Egyptian civilizations 6th grade question?

Which architectural design was used in both Mayan and Ancient Egyptian civilizations? ziggurats pyramids stelae obelisks The Maya built city-states and villages. Each city-state had its own government. The government also controlled the nearby villages. What about the people? Think of the pyramid structure of ancient Egypt's society. Mayan society was organized in a similar way. Each city-state was ruled by a king. People believed the king was divine. Kingship was passed down from father to son. The oldest son of a king usually became the next king. As Mayan civilization grew, the role of the king became more important. The power of the king was shown in the growth of cities. Architecture, such as stelae, pyramids, and royal tombs, revealed the king's power. so I think the answer is: C

Did ancient Egyptian architects design large buildings?

Yes Pyramids, temples and palaces

What is the meaning of design concept in architectural design?

design limi

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What companies make architectural design software?

Eurekasoft and cadlearning both make architectural design software available to the public. Another place to look at architectural design software would be chiefarchitect or autodesk.

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Pieter Alexander Donker has written: 'Structuring communication in the architectural forum for on-line design' -- subject(s): Communication in architectural design, Data processing, Architectural design

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