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The Sumerians of Mesopotamia, they developed cuneiform. They also invented the wheel and a number system based on 60.

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The Egyptians

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Q: Which civilization developed a form of picture writing?
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The Sumerian civilization is credited with which of the following?

The first instance of writing. They used cuneiform - a form of picture writing similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics

Why do you consider writing the most important sumerian invention?

Because without that, the Greeks (or any other ancient civilization) would have never developed any form of writing - which, by the way, was developed from Sumerian writing. Therefore, today, we might've not had any writing, haha.

What need led Sumerians to developed a form of writing?

Launguage is a key part to a civilization so the need to communicate was propably what led to the formation of a language.

Which group developed writing?

The Sumerians developed a form of pictograph.

Which civilization had the first form of writing called cuneiform?


Why did cuneiform help the growth of civilization?

It was the FIRST form of writing!

What is Cursive form of writing developed from hieroglyphs?


Which civilization was known for using a form writing called cuneiform?

The Sumerians.

Form of picture writing?


A system of picture writing used by ancient egyptians?

The ancient Egyptians used a form of picture writing known as hieroglyphics.

Where was the form of writing called cuneiform developed?

Cuneiform writing was developed in ancient Mesopotamia, particularly in the region of Sumer, around 3400 BCE. It was one of the earliest writing systems in the world, consisting of wedge-shaped symbols impressed on clay tablets.

What form of writing was develpoed during the time of the Indus Valley Civilization?