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Q: Which greek city-state became the first democracy?
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What is the greek word for citystate?


Was the democracy in America the first democracy ever crated?

No, the ancient greek invented democracy and the first to use it. Democracy roughly translates to "the people rule" from greek

First name given to the Greek democracy?

Direct Democracy

What country was planet earth's first democratic republic?

Democracy is started in Greek, Athen Democracy is started in Greek, Athen

What was greek first to form that starts with a d?


Who was one of Greek's greatest leaders. Under him democracy became the foundation of government in Greece?


Where there any great civilisations under democracy?

The Ancient Greek Civilization was one of the first to use democracy.

What Greek city was the home of the first direct democracy?

Athens was known for its system of direct democracy.

What is an anlos?

An anlos is a double flute! It is from ancinent greece. A lyre is a small harp also from ancient greece. A hellene is a greek person. A polis is a greek citystate

Was The Greek culture the birth of democracy.?

The Greek culture gave birth to democracy since ancient greeks invented the term and used it in Athens for the first time.

Did Greek city states have their own gods?

Yes. Each City-state had their own god. for example the greek citystate Athens had a greek goddess named Athena. A goddess is a women god.

Who strengthened greek democracy?

Pericles strengthened the greek democracy