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Pegasus is the name of the horse that bellerophon rode.Pegasus is a winged horse

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Bellerophon rode Pegasus, the winged steed.

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Q: Which horse was ridden by Bellerophon?
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Was there a horse called Bellerophon?

In mythology, no- Bellerophon was the rider of the winged horse Pegasus.

How many owners has pegasus had?

Pegasus was ridden once, by Bellerophon - and after this took a place upon Olympus.

Have you ride a horse or have you ridden a horse?

its "have you ridden a horse" for the English prenounciation. :) mml

What special pet did bellerophon want?

a Winged Horse!

Which Greek hero slew the Chimeara?

Bellerophon with help from the horse Pegasus.

Why did Bellerophon want Pegasus?

Bellerophon wanted Pegasus because he was a magnificent horse; he had sprung from the blood of Medusa, had wonderful wings, and a great spring (Hippocrene) on Helicon, the Muse's mountain had appeared when his hoof had struck the horse.

After Bellerophon rode Pegasus into battle to whom did he present the winged horse?


Who is the Pegasus in Greek Mythology?

the winged horse who helped defate the Chimera with Bellerophon

Who was the winged horse from Greek mythology and who was his rider?

The horse was Pegasus, and he sprung forth from the blood of Medusa. His rider was Bellerophon.

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